Custom WordPress Template V Generic WordPress template

If you are looking to build a WordPress website you are far better off building a Custom WordPress template. A Generic Template might seem like the easiest option, but many people end up regretting it for some of the reasons I will explain here.

Probably the best place to start is to state a few issues with Generic WordPress Template:

They are Inflexible

You need your website to support your unique business requirements. You may also need to change your site because of evolving business needs or new marketing data you have collected. You will find that prebuilt themes won’t give you the flexibility and ease of updates that you could require.

They all look the Same

Even though some themes let you customize minor options — such as the colors, number of sidebars or ad placements — they will still mostly end up looking very similar.A custom WordPress theme will make your brand memorable and distinctive and not like thousands of cookie-cutter sites that populate the web.

Lack of features relevant to your business

Professional WordPress template developers know how to utilize the dozens of powerful features that WordPress offers. Prebuilt themes have been developed to only use a small set of these tools to handle basic scenarios that the developers imagined. Pre-built theme developers don’t know anything about your unique business, so they can’t design a theme to suit it.


Besides the above here are some other reason why a Custom WordPress template is a better option:

Your website will be faster

Customized WordPress theme help in loading your site quicker. These are developed particularly to take into account the particular needs and prerequisites of your site.

You can extend The functionality of your site

A custom WordPress Template can help you by adding custom functionality to your site. Custom WordPress Templates can work exactly the way you need.

Better Security

A custom WordPress Template is always going to be far more secure. Hackers can find vulnerabilities in generic templates and attack these vulnerabilities on a huge scale. Creating a custom template makes your code unique and far less attractive to hack.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the benefits of creating a custom, thank for reading..